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RE: Updating the webbie.

I've got to start doing better, don't I? I know. It's embarassing. I've had an invalid email address on this thing for at least a year. Just sitting there. Rotting. Doing nothing. BORING.

In a world of every minute website updates, good ol' radek zelenka pages at david nykl dotcom have been languishing by a swim up bar somewhere in Belize. ("..What time is it!?...")

Part of the reasons for my delinquence has been diversions, work, and the occaisional need for communicative silence. Not anti-social -- just sorta don't know what to say, I guess.

But I'll talk more. I'll post. I'll reply when I can. I'll post convention appearances, Stargate tidbits, and other vital Zelenka ephemera. I'll do it on Letters From Pegasus.

But I'll do it without an accent.



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