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You think I don't know...?

The creativity of fans never fails to amaze me. There are some terriffic bits of Zelenka-centric ephemera out there in the fanosphere.

Over the past few years I've been collecting avatars - those little pictures identifying a user on an online forum. It's been thoroughly and utterly random - I grab a picture when I happen upon one - and suddenly I've built up a little collection.

So now I want to give them back. They're yours after all. I don't know who made what, and so I'll thank you anonymously (you know who you are anyway) and encourage you to grab one and use it. Use them for everything you do online - your banking, your online dating -- you'll notice a difference right away.

My goal, in time, is to have everyone on the internet using a zelenka avatar. For everything. Let's flood the online forums with Zelenka. That way there won't be any confusion as to who's who. It'll all be obvious.

So go ahead, be Zelenka. I did.

(right click "save image as" or whaever it is you do on a mac to do the same thing)



Zelenka fan art



Got any more? Links to others? Send them to me! I'll post what I can!

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